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Over Morocco is comprised of a harmonious team of Berber nomads whose aim is to devise a new look of travel that seeks clients’ satisfaction. We have grown up at the edge of the sand dune field of the Sahara desert of Morocco; we would be pleased to share the unique stories depicting our culture as well as our nomadic Berber style of life.

We are committed to giving you a unique insight into Moroccan culture to experience the best of Morocco during your visit. We offer made to measure and customized tours to give you enough space of flexibility; we are determined to do the best we can to make sure you are satisfied and that you are enjoying the beauty of Morocco.

Morocco has a very long and rich history, culturally diverse with many outstanding landscapes of natural beauty. Morocco boasts itself to be the epitome of hospitality.

Over Morocco is your expert travel consultant and transport supplier that is destined to show you the best of Morocco through sharing the passion of this unique country with you. We have extensively traveled Morocco, up and down, to maintain our up to date knowledge of Morocco to enable us to craft unique itineraries that join authenticity with exploration while respecting the customs and the environment that form the core of our philosophy of work.

Over Morocco team have many years of experience serving guests coming to Morocco. Whether you are looking for a Moroccan authentic experience that exemplifies the exotic customs of Moroccans, the desert experience that takes you back to medieval times or just wondering around within the labyrinth of Marrakech or Fes, Over Morocco is committed to bringing your travel dreams alive.

Morocco is the kingdom of flavors, inexpensive, culturally rich and strategically positioned. The latter features have positively turned Morocco into one of the best destinations in the world that worth the visit. We offer tailor-made tours throughout Morocco, short breaks, day trips, honeymoons, hiking and biking, camel treks in the desert, inbound and outbound transfers…etc.

Over Morocco is your true license towards an exceptionally authentic experience of Morocco. Let’s make your travel dreams come true!